Friday, February 22, 2008

NWOCP 1861 & 1871 update

Hello folks

Here is the situation as I see it:

Phil Pike Checking rg091272 Swindon
Sue Flower Transcribing rg091274 Cricklade
Marlene Bond Transcribing rg091280 Castle Conmbe
Paul Webb Checking rg091282 Corsham
Ray Muld Checking rg091283 Chippenham
Steve Brain Checking rg101881 Swindon
Jane Brown Transcribing rg091286 Calne and/or rg101884 Wootton Bassett
Lilian Fraser Transcribing rg101909
Nancy Frey Transcribing rg101891 Malmesbury West
Heather Williams Checking rg101896 Corsham
Valerie Henwood Checking rg101900 Christian Malford
John Holden Checking rg101897 Corsham
Edmund Bristow Checking rg101906 Marlborough
Viveanne Transcribing rg101903(1)
Helen Ward Checking rg101883 Swindon
Lillian Thurston Transcribing rg101908
Harry Tadd Transcribing rg101895 Castle Combe
Peter Eastman Transcribing rg101910

If you don't agree with this - drop me a line!

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