Friday, February 08, 2008

COCP update

Hello folks

I have rather neglected this for some time now. Since the 1st January, we have completed another 17 1871 & 1881 pieces. About half of them have been uploaded. The remaining 1871 pieces are so:

2217 Week St Mary Poundstock being checked by Kay
2228 Anthony Maker being checked by Roda Jelbert(SA)
2234 Callington St Ive being transcribed by Lesley Van Goeson (Aus)
2236 Liskeard Menheniot being checked by Jeff Beaton (Aus)
2240 Liskeard St Neot being checked by Donna Hazledon (Can). To do 2324 after this.
2254 Padstow Little Petherick being checked by Pam Pinkerton. (Aus)
2255 St Columb Major being checked by Judy Wadell(Aus)
2289 Kea Feock being transcribed by Shari Nicholls (USA).
2291 Mylor being checked by Chris Uphill (Aus).
2296 Falmouth St Gluvias being checked by Barbara Pullar (NZ)
2306 St Keverne being checked by Sharon Uren (Aus)
2316 Redruth being transcribed by Ceilia Wikert(USA)
2324 Camborne. To be checked by Donna Hazledon after she finishes 2240.
2331 Uny Lelant Ludgvan being transcribed by Samantha Hussey.
2339 Penzance Paul being checked by Maxine Cadzow(Aus)
2341 Penzance. Being checked by Mike Hancock.(UK)

A couple of weeks ago I asked everyone who has not been in touch in 2008 to drop me a line. Some of you have yet to do that. Please lighten my darkness!

The project will have been running for 8 years in June this year. I mention that because an Australian name John Nance is retiring from the project for reasons of health. John was the 202nd volunteer we recruited and he started work in December 2002. He has spent most of his spare time during the last five years checking returns for COCP. Kay and I get our names up on the web site as organisers but without people like John the whole thing would be dead in the water. John's work has been consistently good - I never checked what he was doing. He was also different in that he used the IGI as a checking aid.

For the first time in a very long time I have cleared the Cornish backlog!  However, a Wiltshire 1841 piece has arrived - still it's only 11,500 records.....

Rgds Michael

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John said...

Thank you for the kind comments. It was a job I thoroughly enjoyed.