Friday, September 07, 2007

Nth Wilts OCP update

Hello folks

Where is this?

Good morning from Cornwall.

The 1841 project is going well, with some 11 of the 27 ancient Hundreds now complete and online. Of the 16 remaining; 14 have some of the parishes complete and online. Up to now, we have managed with just one checker, our web site host John Pope. We have now got 3 checkers and I would like more. If any of the transcribers would like to try their hands at checking just drop me a line. I am hoping that you will all keep at the task - who knows, we might complete the job early next year.

On the 1861; here is what I think is being done:

1269 Highworth to be transcribed by Lilian Fraser
1270 Swindon, waiting for checker
1272 Swindon, waiting for checker
1274 Cricklade being transcribed by Sue Flower
1279 Malmesbury West, waiting for checker
1280 Castle Combe, being transcribed by Marlene Bond
1281 Corsham, waiting for checker
1282 Corsham, waiting for checker
1283 Chippenham, being transcribed by Nancy Frey
1284 Chippenham, being transcribed by Jane Brown
1285 Chrstian Malford, waiting for checker
1289 Marlborough being checked by Ray Smith

We have nine pieces complete and online.

For the 1871, we have 16 pieces online.

1881 Swindon being checked by Steve Brain
1883 Swindon being checked by Helen Ward
1884 Wootton Bassett being transcribed by Lianne McDowell
1885 Wootton Bassett waiting for checker
1888 Cricklade, status uncertain
1889 Malmesbury East, waiting for checker
1890 Malmesbury East, being transcribed by Karen Hayes
1891 Malmesbury West, being transcribed by Amanda Coles
1894 Castle Combe, being transcribed by Paul Webb
1895 Castle Coombe , being transcrribed by Harry Tadd
1896 Corsham, being checked by Heather Williams
1897 Corsham, being checked by John Holden
1898 Chippenham being checked by Phil Drewe
1900 Christian Malford, being checked by Valerie Henwood
1903 Calne to be transcribed by Vivienne Reaveley
1906 Marlborough, being checked by Edmund Bristow

Please do drop me a line. In the last month or so I have re-allocated 4 pieces. I don't know what has happened to the original volunteers - for all I know they could be beavering away. If you don't want to continue, then please let me know and return the disc. All of the people who have just dropped out of sight have taken the LDS discs with them.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

COCP 1881 Project update

Hello folks

Where is this?

Here is a list of what is being done to the 1881 returns and who is doing it. Any comments are welcome.

2270 Stratton being checked by Glenise Spittey
2272 Boscastle being checked by Richard Hender
2274 Alternon being checked by Geoff Moss
2278 North Hill being checked by John Ball
2282 Saltash being checked by Jan Lewis
2284 Liskeard Callington being checked by Althea Johnson
2286 Liskeard being checked by Valeri Paine
2287 Looe being checked by Maxine Cadzow
2299 Fowey being checked by David Trounce
2304 Mevagissey being checked by Helen Blamey
2309 St Agnes being checked by Geoff Westlake
2313 Kenwyn being checked by Malcolm Rule
2328 Gwennap being checked by Tony Bennett
2330 Redruth being checked by Di Thompson
2337 Phillack being checked by John Smith
2339 Uny Lelant being checked by Carol Jennings
2342 St Ives being checked by Peter Veryan
2349 being checked by Valerie Pettifer

COCP 1871 Project Upate

Hello folks

First question - where is this?

Second question - Here is a list of the remaining 1871 pieces. Let me know if you disagree.

2217 Week St Mary Poundstock being transcribed by Caroline Buckland
2220 Camelford St Breward being checked by Judy Waddell
2225 Launceston St Magdalene being checked by Francis Kenshole
2228 Anthony Maker being transcribed by Julia Woodley
2234 Callington St Ive being transcribed by Lesley van Goeson
2236 Liskeard Menheniot waiting for transcriber
2237 Liskeard St Clear being transcribed by Susan Tippett
2238 Liskeard being checked by Julia Mays
2240 Liskeard St Neot being checked by Donna Hazledon
2253 Padstow being transcribed by Celia Wikert
2254 Padstow Little Petherick being checked by Pam Pinkerton
2255 St Columb Major being transcribed by Eleanor Twist
2288 Kea being checked by Doug Luke
2289 Kea Feock being transcribed by John Wright
2291 Mylor being checkd by Chris Uphill
2293 Falmouth to be checked by Christ Uphill
2296 Falmouth being checked by Barbara Pullar
2300 Wendron being transcribed by Robert Worthington
2304 Helston to be checked by Jeff Beaton
2306 St Keverne being checked by Penny Trueman
2315 Redruth being transcribed by Irene Todd
2316 Redruth being transcribed by Janet Copping
2322 Illogan being transcribed by Karen Duvall
2324 Camborne being transcribed by Yvonne Morgan
2325 Camborne transcribed; to be checked by John Nance
2328 Phillack being checked by Brian Millett
2331 Uny Lelant being transcribed by Samantha Hussey. To be checked by Maxine
2339 being transcribed by Primrose May
2340 Penzance being checked by John Nance
2341 Penzance being transcribed by Sandra Searston
2343 St Just in Penwith Morvah being transcribed by Gillian Johnson
2346 St Buryan being transcribed by Sue James