Sunday, April 15, 2007

NWOCP Newsletter No 7

Hello folks

Six frightening years I spent down the back of this!

The project continues to upload lots of 1841 stuff; rather less 1861/71/91 stuff. No 1891 returns as a matter of fact have been uploaded for some time. Does anyone have a microfiche reader?

If you are in the habit of writing to places such as the Rootsweb mailing lists; can I ask you to use a signature block advertising that you are a volunteer for NWOCP? The publicity helps me.......

Our web site owner has now got a roll of honour - take a look to see if you are there. He would like to post pictures on it. I would like you to as well - it would be nice to see what we all look like!

Email must be the easiest form of communication invented (maybe texting is more so). Would anyone like my mobile number? And we also have jabber........

But still, many of you don't seem to appreciate how easy it is to drop me a line to tell me how you are getting on. Or even to tell me you are still alive! Strangely enough, I have had five volunteers die whilst on the job and their next-of-keen were quick to look through their emails and contact me to tell me the sad news. It is the living ones who are not playing the game fairly.

If you don't want to carry on - just let me know and send the disc back.

I am offline April 17-24th inclusive. That means there is still 48 hours for you to drop me a line and to enlighten me as to what you are doing. Or not doing.

Rgds and good luck!


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