Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NWOCP Newsletter No 6

Hello Folks

Two more grandchildren, but this time there is a connection. The grand daughter is actually the youngest transcriber I have ever recruited! Her mother says that it will keep her away from The Sims! We will see......

In the last month we have uploaded:

HO107/1164 Hundred of Alderbury. Pat Mahoney (Aus)
HO107/1180 Hundred of Kinwardstone. Peter Eastman (UK)
HO107/1185 Hundred of Selkey. Carol Patios (Aus)

[All 1841 checking done by our web site host, John Pope (UK)]

RG101277 Malmesbury. Sue Flower(UK) & Phil Pike (UK)

RG101882 Swindon. Jane Brown (Can) & Phil Drew (Aus)
RG101886 Sue Flower (UK) & Ray Smith (UK)

Four people have dropped out and two more have joined. I am still worried by lack of contact with a number of you. If you haven't written to me in the last two months, please drop me a line. If you are not actually going to do what you have volunteered to do, please post the disc back to me.

At the last Free Census rebuild we had contributed 95,922 records - good going for 14 months. This includes five of the 1841 Hundreds. Of course, the NWOCP web site contains a lot of 1841 records that have yet to be uploaded to Free Census.

Don't forget - please drop me a line!


Christopher said...

I have a rather strange question. I stumbled across your site while doing a bit of research.

From some unknown origin I managed to acquire what appears to be a postcard from 29 Dec 15 addressed to a Miss Phillis Steed, "Trewint" Landrake St. Germans(?). My research seems to indicate that this is a location in Cornwall, though that's the extent of what I've been able to discover.

My best transcription of the text of the postcard is as follows:

I am looking forward so much to your visit here with me - won't it be lovely darling?
I hope to bring Doreen (?) to meet you on Friday with me - she is longing to get a look at you.
With love

I thought I'd share this information, as it appears that it might be relevant to your work. I'd also love to know if you have any insight into where this might've come from and any other information you might be able to provide on the subject.

Michael J McCormick said...

Hello Christopher

Landrake with St Erney is in the bottom right corner of Cornwall. Trewint can be found with Google. There are STEEDs living in Landrake in 1851. Try the Cornish pages of GENUKI.