Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cornwall Online Census Project update

Hello folks

Here we - the final push! There are now 16 pieces of the 71 & 81 left to complete. They are as follows:

2240 being checked by Donna Hazledon
2296 being checked by Barbara Pullar
2331 being transcribed by Celia Wikert; to be checked by Maxine Cadzow

2274 being checked by Bernie Currie
2275 being checked by David Trounce
2304 being checked by Frances Kenshole
2308 being checked by Geoff Westlake
2329 being checked by Valeri Pain
2331 being checked by Di Thompson
2332 being checked by Marion Paul
2333 being checked by Malcolm Rule
2337 being checked by John Smith
2340 being checked by Jeff Beaton
2342 being checked by Peter Veryan
2343 being checked by Roda Jelbert
2352 being checked by Valerie Pettifer

If you have a problem with any of these allocations; please drop me a line.




Jennie & Max said...

You are all legends!! Congratulations - what a huge undertaking, it just blows me away to think of how much work has gone into this project - thank you so much! from Jennie Towan, Lakes Entrance, Australia

Dandee said...

Thanks for the opportunity Michael to participate. Let me know what else I can help with.

PS I have had so much "luck" finding my ancestors with all the information that the Online Cornish project has made available. Thank you everyone who has participated.

Anonymous said...

what a minefield ! but a magnificant help. I'm just starting to find my distant relatives in cornwall. I also have old photos - so really exciting