Saturday, April 12, 2008

NWOCP 1861 & 1871 update


Hello folks

This is the current state of the NWOCP 1861 & 1871 projects.

Nth Wilts 1861

1272 Swindon being checked by Phil Pike
1274 Cricklade being transcribed by Sue Flower
1280 Castle Combe being transcribed by Marlene Bond
1285 Christian Malford being checked by Ray Muld
1286 Calne being checked by Paul Webb

Nth Wilts 1871

1881 Swindon being checked by Steve Brain
1883 Swindon being checked by Helen Ward
1884 Wootton Bassett being transcribed by Jane Brown
1891 Malmesbury West being transcribed by Nancy Frey
1895 Castle Combe being transcribed by Harry Tadd
1896 Corsham being checked by Heather Williams
1897 Corsham being checked by John Holden
1900 Christian Malford being checked by Valerie Henwood
1906 Marlborough being checked by Edmund Bristow

In addition, there are 7 pieces transcribed and ready for checking. 12 pieces of the 1861 are online as are 19 pieces of the 1871.

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Margaret Thorgrimson said...

My name is Margaret Thorgrimson [nee Pugh]. Searching through all the records for 1891-1901 Cornish Census is a tough thing to do. My grandparents were so special to me but never thought to ask them about their history. I now live in Canada with my husband John and his tree goes back to 080 A.D. while mine is only to my gran parents.It is not good to have such a short family tree. Other members of the family don't have any info either, the family Bible is lost somewhere in the children and has not appeared as of yet. My grandad was called William Henry James Mitchell b. 1875-77 in St Germans, my gran mum was named either Ellen/Elena/Helen Wilton b. 1876-77 Stroke Dameral Plymouth. If anyone can help me find their parents it would add to our search. I don't know if my records were destroyed in the bombing of Plymouth during the war but there is also no record of "me" Margaret Ellen Pugh.
I am now 75 years old and would love to pass the family history down to my children. Thank you