Monday, May 21, 2007

NWOCP Newsletter No 8

Minack cliff-top theatre in Cornwall

Centre of picture - girl with smile - yet another grandchild!

The NWOCP continues to make steady progress with the 1841 returns with about half of them now transcribed and online. However, movement on the 1861 & 71 is much slower and on the 1891 there isn't anything to report.

What I would like you to do if you are working on the 1861 or 1871 returns is to drop me a line sometime. Please confirm the details below and give me a rough estimate of your progress. Transcribers can just tell me which image they are on and how many they have left; Checkers can select review progress under Options and just cut and paste the results into their email.

Some of you have not written to me for a long while and I really need to have some idea of how you are doing - or if, indeed, you are doing anything. I received a disc the other day from a chap who had it for a year. He had never written to me and had not made a start on the piece.

This is an option open to everyone. If you don't want to carry out the task, then just let me know and return the disc - no hard feelings on my part.

If you are finding it hard work, please take my advice and just do a few hours a week; it will get done sooner than you think.

Email is very simple - so just please write to me!!!!!


1269 Highworth being transcribed by Liz Price
1270 Swindon being transcribed by Helen Ward
1271 Swindon being checked by Phil Pike
1274 Cricklade being transcribed by Peter Collins
1278 Malmesbury West being checked by Allan Kennaird
1280 Castle Combe being transcribed by Marlene Bond
1281 Corsham being transcribed by Chris Hughes
1284 Chippenham being transcribed by Kevin Lacey
1286 Calne being transcribed by Peter Reddick
1288 Marlborough being checked by Ray Smith


1884 Wootten Bassett being transcribed by Lianne McDowell
1890 Malmesbury East being transcribed by Kren Hayes
1891 Malmesbury West being transcribed by Amanda Coles
1892 Malmesbury West being checked by Keith Salisbury
1894 Castle Combe being transcribed by Paul Webb
1895 Castle Combe being transcribed by Harry Tadd
1896 Corsham being checked by Heather Williams
1898 Chippenham being transcribed by Nancy Frey
1900 Christian Malford being checked by Valerie Henwood
1906 Marlborough being checked by Edmund Bristow

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