Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cornish 1851 Project update

Hello folks

Another grandson - the only one bearing my surname!

Here is the status of the 1851 project. If your name is on here and it shouldn't be, please let me know. If it should be on and isn't - let me known. If you are doing a piece that isn't listed here - let me know.

Trying to be realalistic, this looks about 3 months work to me. Be nice to be proved wrong again!

Virginstow Ho5a1896 Being transcribed by Sandra Coles

St Giles OTH Ho5b1896 Being transcribed by Julia Bassett

Lanteglos by Camelford HO5h1898 Being transcribed by Trudi Groves.

Maker HO5a1900 Being transcribed by Gillian Johnson.

Rame Ho5b1900 being checked by Ken Hosking

Menheniot Ho5a1902. Being checked by Arthur Hodge

St Cleer Ho5b1902 Being transcribed by Bill Phillips

St Neot Ho5d1902 Being transcribed by Ainslie Jones

Duloe Ho5b1903 Being transcribed by Caroline Buckland

Morval Ho5c1903 Being transcribed by Nick Russell

East Looe Ho5m1903 Being transcribed by Mike Beck.

West Looe Ho5n1903 being transcribed by Joan Oliver

St Blazey Ho5d1906 Being checked by Maxine Cadzow

St Stephen in B Ho5e1908 Being checked by Frances Kenshole

St Mewan Ho5f1908 Being checked by Mark Jose.

St Stithians Ho5a1914 Being transcribed by Luke Harris.

Gwennap Ho5b1914 Being transcribed by Lauren Patey.

Redruth Ho5a1915 Being checked by Peter Veryan; Di Thompson; John Nance

Gwinear Ho5b1916 Being checked by Jean Minter.

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