Monday, May 01, 2006

COCP Newsletter No 5

The 1861 could be finished before the end of the year! With a bit of luck and some more hard work by the far-flung volunteers of the COCP.

At the moment, there are three 1861 pieces going through validation etc and these should be online within a week or so. The rest are as follows:

Being Transcribed:

1525 Saltash Joy Hungerford
1540 Padstow Jean Cochrane
1579 Redruth Shirley Franklin
1584 Phillack Carrol Parfitt
1590 Marazion Jim Rusk.

Transcribed, waiting for a checker:

1542 St Columb (just done by Celia Wikert)

Being checked:

1528 Liskeard Denise Ravenhill
1578 Gwennap Marion Paul
1583 Camborne Chris Uphill
1591 Kathy Keyes

1580 Redruth is partially transcribed. Needs another transcriber.

There are 89 pieces and so, when the 3 in progress go online, there will be 11 left.

If any of the people named don't agree they are doing what I think they are - please drop me a line.

The 1851 is also in sight of the end and might also be finished before the end of 2006. Over 30% of the 1871 is online and the rest is underway. Another piece of the 1881 is here being finished and will be online soon.

On the wider front, pieces sent to Free Census have not been uploaded since 23rd February. If anyone asks you - tell them that the COCP coverage is both more extensive and more up-to-date. Our approach to this whole business is much more professional than theirs.

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