Monday, January 16, 2006


The Relationship field allows six characters. The standard rules apply. Start by removing vowels. Will it make sense?

There is a standardised list, appended below. However, it is not possible to cover all eventualities and common sense should apply. If you have produced a previously unheard of abbreviation; then expand it in the notes field. As with every other field, we now have 1.2 million records online; a browse through them might resolve your problem.

adopted adoptd
apprentice appren
assistant asstnt
Attendent Attend
aunt aunt
Bar Maid Brmaid
Chief Nurse Chfnse
Companion Compan
cook cook
boarder boardr
brother brothr
brother-in-law brolaw
cousin cousin
daughter dau
dau-in-law daulaw
father father
father-in-law ftrlaw
granddaughter grndau
grandfather grnftr
grandmother grnmtr
grandson grnson
Great Grandson Ggnson
Great Grand daughter Ggndau
great aunt gtaunt
great uncle gtuncl
governess gvrnss
half-brother hlfbro
half-sister hlfsis
head head
Housekeeper Hsekpr
House maid Hsemad
husband husbnd
inmate inmate
lodger lodger
Maid Maid
mistress mstres
mother mother
mother-in-law mtrlaw
nephew nephew
niece niece
Nightwatchman nghtwh
nurse child nrschd
Officer Offcer
Officer's Wife Offwif
Passenger passgr
patient ptient
pauper pauper
Porter porter
Porter's wife ptrwif
prisoner prisnr
pupil/scholar pupil
relative reltiv
servant servnt
shopwoman shpwmn
sister sister
Sister-in-law sislaw
son son
son-in-law sonlaw
step-brother stpbro
step-daughter stpdau
stepfather stpftr
stepmother stpmtr
stepsister stpsis
stepson stpson
stoker stoker
stranger strngr
traveller trvelr
uncle uncle
visitor visitr
wife wife
Wife's father wifftr
wife's mother wifmtr
wife's dau wifdau
wife's son wifson

You will notice that we have replaced Ma & Pa with Mtr & Ftr. I don't want anyone backtracking, both versions are acceptable.

1 comment:

Rick said...

I would just disagree with one of those from last year's list

Passenger = Pssngr

There are some there that were new and I have added to my list.

Another important thing to say is that if the field is blank then put a - (hyphen) not Unk or None, but if it says None then that is what you put. Crew is also an important one (as mentioned previously).

No one need worry about the more obscure ones as they will be picked up later in the process but it definately helps to memorise the more common ones and not fall into the trap of writing Daughter as Daur.