Saturday, December 17, 2005


This project is built round the use of emails. There is, however, a supplement to the use of email. Instant Messaging. This gives you the chance to have instantaneous one-to-one comms with me and to use the COCP chat room to talk to each other and to us. Here are the instructions.

Go to

Left hand side, under software, click on clients

Next page, under Platforms, click on Exodus (if you are an Apple user, contact me first).

Next page; click on Get Exodus – download “Stable releases”

Next page; click on exodus

Click on download now.

Install Exodus. Open an account with jabber. When you have done this, email me and I will send you my jabber account name.

You can then add me as a new contact. Jabber will send me a message asking for permission to display my online status to you. I say yes. You will then be able to see when I am online. Just click on my icon and a panel opens up. The panel is split into two; the bottom one is where you type. You type "hello" and away we go.

We can then have one-to-one contact any time we are both online. The software will tell you when this happy state is available. In addition, you can use the COCP chat room. There is usually someone there, including about 4 regular participants, all of whom have all the discs you can imagine. So you can get a more or less instant second opinion on anything.

You do not have to do this unless you want to - but I recommend you give it a try. You will get instant response, most of the time!

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